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Update 10.04.12 - Amendments to rule book, clarification of rules:

Please find attached page 3 of the rulebook showing change of Vice Chairman

Please note that the TIMED SHOT rule voted in at the last AGM will NOT be introduced this season. We need to call a full Committee meeting to decide how this rule should be implemented and lack of time and other commitments have meant we have been unable to do this before getting all the new fixtures etc out. This will be discussed at the Committee meeting on Tuesday April 24th at the Rising Sun.

The Referee MUST ask the player to nominate the pocket for the Black every shot played when the player is on the Black. However the onus remains on the player to nominate should the occasion arise where the referee forgets.

Postponed games MUST be recorded on a scorecard and sent in to the collection point or sent to Neil in the normal way.

Should a team wish to claim a match the points will be 3 points for the win plus 4 points

Postponed games to be played within 2 weeks of the original date

No games to be played after last game on fixture sheets

Results may be texted, emailed, taken to delivery points or posted. If posted make sure they are dropped into a post box ideally Friday morning or Saturday morning at the latest to ensure they are received by the Monday evening.

Any cards not received in Tuesday morning post WILL be considered to be a late card.

Neil Wooldridge Chairman

Update 30.04.11 - Reminder to captains regarding match cards - singles averages.

Can all captains please ensure the players that share the same surname and first intial of their forenames, have the full name of the player on the scorecard.

Any match cards recieved without this information will result in the player(s) games being void and will not count towards the singles averages competition.

Update 04.08.09

All information has been uploaded for the new season, singles averages for last season will be uploaded as soon as I have added the last round of matches to the database.

Update 14.05.09
The site has been throughly updated now with current singles averages, league tables and archived results from previous seasons.

Update 05.12.08
Next season it was decided that the league will be enforcing rule 28 which states that any player who is registered to play for a team that plays on a thursday night for another league will NOT be allowed to register for the Ibstock and District pool league from next season onwards.


It was discussed and decided at the AGM and subsequent committee meeting that no changes to the general rules will be introduced next season it was generally felt that the majority of teams are happy with the rules as they stand, and no formal vote was taken.

It was also decided at the committee meeting on June 22nd that to dissuade teams from deliberately not turning up to the AGM in order to lose 10 points and get relegated that the 10 points be taken off the following season with immediate effect.

Also late cards for the final games of the season will result in a 4 point penalty being imposed for the following season.

N/Wooldridge chairman 23-06-10


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